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Tafiti Search Visualization is a Website which brings a new user experience to researching (searching and storing results). It was originally created by Microsoft to demonstrate Silverlight and the Windows Live Search APIs. Now Tafiti has been released as a Windows Live Platform Quick Application on CodePlex under a MS-PL license (free for use).

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See it running

Tafiti has been deployed to several locations. You can see the original at http://www.tafiti.com or the version we have released the Source Code for at http://tafiti.mslivelabs.com/.

What technologies does Tafiti Search Visualization use?

The following technologies have been used in the Tafiti Search Visualization initial release; you are available to change these technologies by contributing to the project on Codeplex.

How do I use Tafiti Search Visualization

See the Tafiti Walkthrough or the Demo video.

Deployment Guide

If you would like to know how to deploy Tafiti Search Visualization see the Deployment Guide
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